Volta Amsterdam October 4th

October de 4th we’ll be playing at Volta Amsterdam. You’re coming to see us, right? Any other venue, in Amsterdam or otherwise, is welcome to join our tour schedule. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more info.

New shows

Come see us June 9th at  Stathe and August 30th at Hofman: both in Utrecht. In the meantime we make sure we write some new material. See you there? New shows will be announced here and on our socials. Be sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook. #noramusic

Tour planning

We’re planning a small tour, starting in hometown Utrecht, The Netherlands: June 24th – Stathe, Utrecht September 10th – 19:30 – Foodtruckfestival TOOST, Zoetermeer December 16th – 21:00 – Fonteynfestival, Utrecht New gigs will be added here. Like us to play at your venue or festival? Please contact us!